What is the technology of "Live interior 3D"

1This is an execution of the design process to 3D.
From the beginning we show to customer 3D pictures of the object. Computer made images have high quality and look like real, as if the object has already been built and furnished.
2Design technology allows us to see the architecture and colors "live".

3The space of an object is developing in accordance with the wishes and comments of the customer.4Furniture, fixtures, doors, finishes and etc. are selected in the salons and manufacturers.
Creates a 3D model of the selected product and puts in a three-dimensional interior.

5The result:
Object "lives in 3D", transformed by architects and designers in accordance with the wishes of the customer, and develops to a flawless perfection. The method allows you to create 3D visualization of interiors of different complexity and exceptional personality.


Work stages

The space of an object is designed in accordance with the wishes of the customer.
Together with the customer designer choose furniture, fixtures, finishes and decorative elements.
Selected interior items are rendered in 3D and "embedded" in the room.
Drawn up detailed plans to allow builders exactly implement the project.
The most enjoyable step is to obtain the approved version of the interior.

View samples of furniture created in 3D, also to find out where and at what price to buy it, click here.

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