Anna Kolesnikova architectural office provides a full range of services in the field of repair and design of flats, offices, cafes, restaurants and other facilities

At present, we can say that in our studio we have a highly creative team of designers and architects who are familiar with all existing design and construction technologies and materials.

We produce a full cycle of works - from concept and design of the project to architectural design, renovation and construction. Our company consists of several units, and if that suits you we can confine ourselves to the design project, or vice versa to build an existing projects. In short, you can start working with us at any stage.

For work we use modern materials and expensive tools. Our architects, designers are aware of the current trends interior design project, have a great portfolio. Design projects are regularly published in professional journals.

To perform work on the architectural design we use a high-tech computer software, such as Autodesk AutoCAD, 3D Studio MAX, etc.

We - professionals! Our architects, designers will help you formulate your wishes and create an unique design project of your apartment, home or office.

The chief architect of Architecture and Construction company "Style" - Anna Kolesnikova

Anna Kolesnikova graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute.

Anna Kolesnikova thesis project participated in the 7th International review competition thesis, where it received the diploma of the first degree. As well as participate in the second international competition of the best thesis in Italy.

Anna Kolesnikova work experience - 7 years. Repeatedly printed in various journals on architecture and design.

In the gallery of the works you can see some of our studio in the field of interior design and design of:
  • flats,
  • houses,
  • wooden houses,
  • public buildings.
We are open to dialogue and will be glad to answer your questions by phone: (905) 716-51-05 or in person at our office. 

We wish you a cozy interior!

Chief architect Anna Kolesnikova


Design project

To perform work on the architectural design we use a high-tech computer software, such as Autodesk AutoCAD, 3D Studio MAX, etc.
What is interior design project? What is the advantage if you order a design project?
Design is not only to create a comfortable, functional and stylish space.

The goal of the design project:

  • Create a functional space
  • Increase the area of ​​the main room
  • Originality and individuality
  • Stand in a certain style
  • Proven fact - the customer does not spend money on the project but save!

What is the customer wins when ordering a design project?
During construction without the project the customer often has to alter something, and it has results in additional costs, often exceeding the cost of the project.

For example:

  • Transferring a partition because it's not functional
  • Remaking the ceiling because of ugly
  • Transfer outlets, switches'couse not uncomfortably in use
  • Transfer fixtures because of poorly
  • Plywood wallpaper, repainting the walls a different color as mismatched material etc.

Apartment in the style. Style is selected in the course of communication with the customer. This includes all his wishes. Design project delivered, the client was satisfied.

Huge time saver:
Where to go, where to buy high-quality finishing materials at a reasonable price?
Where to buy furniture?

We give to the customer a list of addresses of stores and shops. Many stores were compared to prices, quality and reliability.
No need to spend time for searching.

Supervision. What is the customer wins ordering supervision?
No irregularities during construction period
Builders can not always understand the drawings without competent explanation. As a result of violations of the project may occur.
During construction, there may be minor, but necessary changes to the project before i'll be built. Any small changes,
involve changes in the project.
The customer has the right to change the already chosen materials or furniture. And that could affect the project.
Builders do not distract the customer, as constantly in touch with the designer.

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